Dr.M.Hepsiba Jeni, B.Sc., M.PEd.,Ph.D 
Physical Director 


  • To allow the students to participate in developmentally appropriate activities.
    To develop and reinforce cooperative behaviour.
    To teach the students to establish lifelong fitness goals.


    To provide a comprehensive and progressive physical education program and thus enable our students to be physically active for a healthy life in the 21st century.


    To provide physical fitness knowledge through a variety of physical activities and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Activities 2017-2018

         Physical Education is aimed at allowing students to experience a wide range of Physical activities So that they can make informed choices about a healthy life style and the pursuit of Recreational and competition sports.

         Players representing Women′s Christian College, Nagercoil participated in Volleyball, Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Chess, Ball Badmintion, Badmintion, Swimming, Cross Country race, Athletics. Volleyball team of our college won the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Intercollegiate Tournament for women 2017 -2018.In Chess & Badminton, Our students were the 4th Place.

         M.JeyaBenisha Susan of I B.A History Secured 2nd place in 100mts, 200mts run and J.P.BanilofI B.A English Secured 2nd place in High Jump in the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Intercollegiate Athletics Competition 2017 -2018.

         Our college own the overall Championship in the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Intercollegiate Swimming Competition for women 2017-2018. V.C.Akalya of I M.A History 1st Place in 100mts Breast Stroke, II Place in 100mts Free Style, 50mts Breast Stroke &50mts Free Style. J.P.Banil of I B.A English 1st in 200mts Free Style & 100 mts Butterfly and 2nd place in 50 mts Butterfly, S. Jenisha of II M.Sc Physics 2nd Place in 100mts Back Stroke, 200mts Free Style , S. Bavithra of II B.A Economics 3rd Place in 100 mts Breast stroke.

         Many of our students represented MSU teams in various Sports and Games. S.Sowmiya of II M.Com, R.Anusha of I M.Sc.Botany, J.JesuJerlin of IIIB.A History, E.W.SahayaPressia of III B.A History represented Volleyball. T.Rammiha of III B.A Tamil represented Kabaddi. A. Annie Gladis of I B.A English, M.T. Pavithra of I B.Sc.Physics represented Chess.B.Akshaya of I M.AEnglish represented Ball Badmintion, M.Kohila of III B.Sc Computer Science , S.Nanthitha of II B.Com represented Kho Kho.

         Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Intercollegiate Volleyball Tournament was organized in our college Campus from 9th Oct 2017 to 11th Oct 2017.

         Our college successfully conducted Annual Sports meet 2017- 2018 in our campus on 21.02.2018 .Dr. Nirmala Manuel presided over the function. Dr. James R. Daniel delivered the Chief Guest address. Our college sports students (B. Akshaya, P. Ragavi, D. J. AnnlinBlessie, V.Vinisha, C.J.SreeSubathiraDevi ) participated in a Workshop organized by All India Association for Christian Higher Education on "Leaders for Tomorrow As Librarians and Physical Directors" held at C S I Retreat Centre, Kanyakumari from 05.10.2017 to 07.10.2017.

         Dr. M. HepsibaJeni, Director of Physical Education has been nominated as a member of the ManonmaniamSundaranar University Sports Board 2017-2018 and she has been nominated as a member of the Selection Committee for M S U Kho-Kho, Volleyball and Badminton Women team for the Year 2017-2018.And she has been acompanied as Team Manager of ManonmaniamSundaranar University Volleyball Team participated in the South Zone Inter University Volleyball(woman)Championship 2017-2018 Organised by Kannur University 20th to 25th October 2017.

         Badmashree shyni Willsion visited our College on 12.01.2018 and gave a motivational talk to the students on "Sports and its Importance." The following students of our college have been selected to represent ManonmaniamSundaranar University teams to participate in Tamil Nadu Inter University Competition and secured Place. J.R. Benil Secured 3d Place in High Jump M. JeyaBenisha Susan Participated in 100mts &200mts Run.

         M. JeyaBenisha Susan I B.A History secured 1st Place in 4 x 100 Mts relay, 2nd Place in 100mts Run, 2nd place in 200mts Run in 1st Tamil Nadu State Youth Athletic Championships held on 1st & 2nd April,2018 at Chennai.

         M. JeyaBenisha Susan has selected to participate in the National Level Atheletic Competition and she Secured 3rd Place in 4 x 100 mts Relay.

         Our college Volleyball team Secured the Ist place in the Kanyakumari district Volley ball Championship 2017-2018 held at Anna stadium, Nagercoil from 08.01.2018 to 10.01.2018.

         Our college Volleyball team Secured the Ist place in the Annual Sports & Games Conducted by Railway Institute, Nagercoil Jn., Tiruvanthapuram Division on 15.01.2018.

         Our college Volleyball team Secured the Ist place in the Kanyakumari District Level Monthly Competition 2017-2018 Conducted by Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu on 09.08.2017.