Commerce Department

History of the Department

The Department came into existence in the year 2000. The Department was upgraded into a Research Centre in the year 2005. M.Phil degree course was introduced in the year 2007.


To prepare the students to gain expertisa in commerce as well as the other related fields.


To impart knowledge in the various disciplines of commerce to equip the students for a prospective career.


  1. To examine the socio- economic profile of students to assist them accordingly in their studies.
  2. To motivate the students to be employed either in Government or private concerns.
  3. To encourage the students to become self employed with entrepreneurship training and assistance.
  4. To inculcate the habit of saving among the students by helping to open accounts in nearby Banks.
  5. To appreciate the students to get centum results by giving prizes to students as well as teachers.
  6. To identify the problems of students and to give proper guidance and coaching to overcome them.


  1. Excellent opportunity for further studies in the best Institutes in India.
  2. Focused programs for students to fulfill their career goals.
  3. Apart from traditional classroom lectures, our department also focuses on providing a well-rounded build-up of practical knowledge. This is achieved through the various Conferences, Seminars and Workshops.
  4. Earn and Learn Scheme.
  5. Assignments are given to the Students for improvement in different Subjects.

Programme Outcomes

  1. To understand the functioning of business and to acquire skills to start entrepreneurial activities.
  2. Perceive the importance of social and ethical values to face critical issues.
  3. To know how to prepare financial statements and soft skills required for higher education and placements.
  4. To encourage students work in teams to develop inter-personal skills.
  5. Reveals progressive learning of various disciplines of commerce, economics, finance, auditing and marketing.
  6. To enhance knowledge in handling statistical tools for research works.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  1. To understand the principles of accounting and its concepts.
  2. Justify the function of the organisation, principles of the organisation and the types of the organisation.
  3. Understand the background of the new company act 2013 and explain kinds of company, define memorandum of association and articles of association, to determine private placement and prospectus and misrepresentation in prospectus and nature of share capital and debentures.
  4. Evaluate the concept of production function and law of variable proportions and to understand the nature and scope of the business economics and their responsibilities.
  5. Solve a numerical under the head of income from salary, income from house property, income from business and profession, income from capital gain and income from other sources.
  6. Theoretical and application-based knowledge in the banking and financial sector.
  7. Equips the students to learn the principles of effective communication and imparts the techniques of group discussion, the guidelines of preparing for the interview along with the knowledge of drafting different formats of letters like inquiry, sales, marketing, claim, adjustments, appointment and termination.


Designation Photo Name & Qualification Description
Head of the Department Commerce Department Dr.G.Sweetlin Subi
M.Com., M.Phil., MBA.,Ph.D.
Dr. G.Sweetlin Subi has been working in our department for the past 6 years.
Assistant Professor Commerce Department Dr.P.Jesintha
M.Com., M.Phil., MBA.,Ph.D.(NET)
Dr.P.Jesintha has been working in our department for the past 6 years. Previously she worked in Muslim Arts College, Thiruvithancode for 3.5 years.
Assistant Professor Commerce Department Dr. J. Ferusha Pearl
Dr. J. Ferusha Pearl has joined the Department of Commerce, with effect from 29-07-2015. She has completed her from Women 's Christian College, Nagercoil and from Scott Christian College, Nagercoil. She did her Ph.D under the guidance of Dr.R.Rathiha, in the title " Women Entrepreneurship in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with Special Reference to Kanniyakumari District ". She is a university rank holder in and College first rank in M.Com under Teacher Based Education (Autonomous). She worked as a Project Fellow in the UGC Major Project entitled "Women Entrepreneurship in Small Scale Industries" during 2010 to 2013. She has presented papers in twelve National Seminars, one International Conference, and published papers in three journals and in nine books.
Assistant Professor Commerce Department Dr.R.Sasaki
Dr.R.Sasaki has joined the Department of Commerce, with effect from 29-07-2015. She has completed her,, M.Phil from Women's Christian College, Nagercoil. She did her Ph.D under the guidance of Dr.R.Rathiha, in the title "A Study on Rural Entrepreneurship in Kanniyakumari District". She has presented papers in National Seminars, International Conference, and published papers in journals and in one book. She had worked for 3 years M.S.University College in Panagudi.
Assistant Professor Commerce Department Dr. V.Chitra
M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. V.Chitra has joined the Department of Commerce, with effect from 29-07-2015. She has completed her from Women's Christian College, Nagercoil and from AvinashilingamDeemed University, Coimbatore. She has completed her M.Phil from Scott Christian College, Nagercoil.


  1. Merriot Kamala Justus merit price is awarded to the best student in I M.Com.
  2. Prof. A. Dorothy Thangam Memorial Endowment Fund is awarded to the best student in I year B.Com.(SF) who is financially weak.


The Department of Commerce conducts Alumnae Meet every year. The young graduates gather with excitement. The air will be filled with reminiscence when everyone recollect their days in college. The alumnae share their current endeavours they are pursuing and express their gratitude to the professors for their support and guidance.

Activities of the academic year 2020-2021

  1. Online e-quiz on the "Basic Concepts of Income tax" was convened by Dr. Chithra James and coordinated by Dr.V.Chitra from 7-6-2020 to 10-06-2020 and E-certificates were issued to the participants who score 50% and above and 334 staff and students participated.
  2. "National level awareness E-quiz 2020 on Cost Accounting" was conducted during 30-06-2020 to 05-07-2020. Dr.T.P.Sherin organized this quiz and 253 staff and students participated and e-certificates were issued.
  3. A webinar on seven rules for effective people was organized on 25-01-2021. Dr. Mercy Justin an alumni of our department now serving as a Dean, Lourdes Matha Institute of Management Studies, Kuttichal, Trivandrum spoke effectively. The google meet link used for this meeting was eqj-tach-dvw. Second year B.Com students participated In this meeting.
  4. One day seminar on Income tax Practitioner training - live demo was organized on 11th February 2021 in association with Values Viruksha Private Limited, Chennai. Mr. D. Sundaramoorthy, the academic Coordinator gave a live demo on the assessment of individuals. Final year UG and PG students participated in this and Certificates were distributed. On that day Commerce Association was inaugurated.
  5. "Global Money Week" 2021 was celebrated in collaboration with Securities and Board of India. We conducted a webinar on 24th March2021. Dr. Swarna Victorops Nagson, The Head of the Department of Management Studies C.S.I. Engineering College, Thovalai, and an empanelled certified trainer was the chief guest. The theme of GMW-2021 was "Take care of yourself and take care of Money".

Activities of the academic year 2019-2020

  1. The Commerce Association was inaugurated on17-08-2019. Ms.Shanthi, Vice Principal, Tamil Nadu Mercantile Bank Academic staff College was the chief guest.
  2. Awareness Programme on ACS was conducted on 30-08-2019. Mr.I.Raja and Mr.S.Selvaraj from Madurai Chapter of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India motivated the students to join in ACS course.
  3. Entrepreneurship Day was celebrated on 17th September 2019. Mrs.Jenisha, Proprietor of Jeni Fashion Boutique gave a motivational talk from her own experience.
  4. 53 students and 3 staff members went on a tour to Bangalore and Mysore from 19th September to 23rd September by train after getting permission from Joint Director, Tirunelveli.
  5. On 30th September we celebrated the Joy of Giving in Saribath Old Age Home near Asaripallam. Snacks and lunch were distributed to the inmates of that home. Students realized the need for helping the poor.
  6. An awareness programme on health was conducted on 1st October 2019.Dr.Susan from Williamsí hospital gave an inspiring speech on womenís Health issues. She cleared many doubts raised by the students.
  7. A Seminar on creating Emerging and Innovative Entrepreneurs was conducted on 14th February 2020 in Association with Cape Resource Forum. Dr.Selvan of SIYB Educationalist Trainer and Dr.C Subathra, Honorary Vice President of Cape Research Forum were the Resource Persons. Students from various colleges participated with great interest. Certificates were distributed to the participants.
  8. An International Conference on Trending Frontiers and Prospects of Management and Commerce was conducted on 04-03- 2020 in Association with Cape Research Forum with a strength of around 500 members from various Colleges. Dr. A.Tamil Arasu, Associate Professor, Department of Cooperatives, AMBO University of Ethiopia and Shree. C. Chandra Kumar C.E.O of Firstman Online Filings (P) Ltd Chennai and Dr.C Subathra were the Resource Persons.

Activities of the academic year 2018-2019

  1. An entrepreneurial development programme was conducted on 30-08-2018. The Chief Guest MRS. Renisha Winston B.Sc (Agri.)., Proprietor i- manager,an Entrepreneur gave a valuable speech how women can become a successful entrepreneur .
  2. In order to encourage the students to join ACS an awareness programmes on Associate Company Secretary Course was conducted on 20/09/2018. T. Raja in charge of Madurai Chapter of ICSI was the chief guest who encouraged the students to join ACS Course.
  3. Department of Commerce conducted a seminar on career opportunities in commerce on 19/02/2019. Mr.Sarath Sundar and Mrs.T.Deepika were the resource persons .valuable ideas were shared on the current job opportunities available to the commerce graduates in the field of commerce.
  4. Department of Commerce conducted the Awareness Programme on Launch of "INDIA POST PAYMENTS BANK" on 28/08/2019. SRI.V.P.Chandra Sekhar, Senior Superiendent of Post Office, Kanyakumari Division and Shri.R.Naveen, Senior Branch Manager, Nagercoil were the resource persons .
  5. A discussion on "Budget 2019" was made in the Department of Commerce.
  6. A national seminar on "Emerging Funds in Financial market" was conducted on 5-3-2019. Dr. T Rajesh, Asst. Professor, Government College, Nedumancaud and S.LT. Dr. S.Priya, Assistant Professor in Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi College, Thiruvananthapuram were the resources persons. Staff and students from various colleges participated with great interest 32 papers were presented by participants which will be published in Bhodhi online Journal.
  7. Department of Commerce conducted a seminar on "Principles of Insurance and Job opportunities in Insurance Industry" jointly with Nagercoil Insurance Institution (Affiliated Insurance Institute of India ,Mumbai)on 14.03.2019 at Moderator Ganadhason Hall. Key-note address was made by Sri. B.Muthuraman, Chairman, Nagercoil Insurance Institute. Sri. K.Velayutha Perumal, Assistant Divisional Manager, (Rtd) LIC of India made the presentation on principles of Insurance and C. Yogidhas, voting Council member of Nagercoil Insurance Institute delivered the job opportunities in Insurance sector.

Activities of the academic year 2017-2018

  1. Commerce association was inaugurated on 20th July 2017 that aimed at diversifying the learning experiences and widening the horizons of the students. The ceremony began with the formal installation of the five elected office bearers.
  2. A career awareness programme was organized in linkage with the Institute of Company Secretaries, Madurai Chapter on 27th July 2017. C .S .S. Paramasivan, Company Secretary, V .T. Mills Madurai explained how ACS programme serves as a platform for students to become Secretaries in Companies.
  3. A workshop on "G S T - A New Tax Reform" was organized by the department on 11th September 2017. The objective of the workshop was to offer detailed insights into GST frameworks and its implementation challenges in India. The guest speaker for the event was Mr. N. Edison, former Deputy Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Tamilnadu.
  4. The students of Commerce Department visited the old age home 'Rojavanam' as part of celebration of Joy of Giving Week. Students had a wonderful time with the elderly people there.
  5. To inculcate students with the recent trends in the modern commercial era, an Inter-disciplinary. "International conference on Innovative and Emerging Strategies in Economics, Commerce and Management" was jointly organised by the Department of Commerce and Economics on 05/01/2018. Students of our college and various other colleges actively participated in the conference and 115 papers were presented in the conference. The papers were published in "Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches" a Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal with Impact factor.
  6. Product launch event was, organized by the department to stimulate creatively and intellectuality and to develop technical presentation skills, collaboration and team building among students. Main objective of this event was to promote women entrepreneurship among students. The event was inaugurated by our Principal Dr Nirmala Manuel. A cash award of 1000 for first prize, 750 for second prize and 500 for third prize were given to the winners. Certificates were issued to all the participants.
  7. A one day workshop on "Impact of G.S.T. on Indian Economy - Current Reviews" was organized for commerce students. Dr. C Ganlin Shiny, Assistant Professor, Voorhees College, Vellore, was the resource person. She explained the impact of GST after its implementation, difference between present Indirect Taxes and GST and the benefits and challenges of GST after implementation
  8. A one-day workshop on financial literacy was organized by the department of commerce on 8th February. Mr R. Venkatesh, Assistant professor and Head, Incubation Center, Care School of Business Management, Trichy was the resource person. The session was a great platform for students to get an exposure about new financial terms and emerging trends in finance.
  9. Initiatives were taken in the department to promote entrepreneurship among women by celebrating Women's Empowerment Day on12th February 2018. Sales event was also organized where students participated in business activities and earned profit.
  10. Department of Commerce is outstanding in research. Dr. V. Chithra, Assistant Professor of Commerce, has been awarded Ph.D in Commerce, during this academic year.
  11. Five candidates have been awarded Ph.D through the Research Centre.
  12. Department of commerce is organizing ACCS foundation programme for B.Com Students. 14 students joined the course

Activities of the academic year 2016-2017

  1. A one day awareness and training programme on Modern Banking was organized.
  2. Initiatives were taken in the department to promote entrepreneurship among women by celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day. Sales event was also organized where, 43 students participated in business activities and earned profit.
  3. A state level Business Quiz "Com-Quiz" was organized to prepare our students for competitive examinations.
  4. An industrial visit to "Daily Fresh Fruits India Private Ltd.", Namakkal, Tamilnadu, enhanced student's knowledge on production, marketing, financing and human resource management.
  5. Dr. Mahil Kamalam and R.Ra. Pon Narayanee of III B.Com (Regular) won the best paper award in the International Conference organized by the Department of Commerce, Sarah Tucker College, Tirunelveli.
  6. Two candidates have been awarded Ph.D through the Research Centre.
  7. To equip the faculty and research scholars with the latest advancements in research two days workshop on "Statistical Package for Social Sciences" was organized.
  8. Apart from academics students from Commerce department excel in extracurricular activities also. 59 prizes and 2 overall championship for the department were won by them in the National and State level Symposiums organised by various Colleges and University.