SCMI is a student's movement with Christian ethos which maintains a fellowship of students, teachers and senior friends with commitments to translate Christian faith into action through contemporizing faith in Jesus Christ by discerning critically the signs of times.

Vision of SCMI

SCMI envisions a kingdom-building 'without walls', practical ministry serving in the global market place caring for, admonishing, restoring and empowering people through out unique synergy of services such that they may be well of mind body and spirit and such that souls may prosper to the glory of God according to His word and His will.

Mission of SCMI

The mission of SCMI is to proclaim the gospel in word and in deed, within and beyond the four walls of the church such that leaders will be equipped, people will be edified, lives will be changed, the hurting will be healed and souls will be saved by grace through faith.

Activities 2015-2016

  • Following are the various activities done effectively in this academic year.
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    Conducted by



    Training programme

    Be strong


    Dr. Mary Christy

    40 students


    Fund collection

    For the dialysis.


    Miss.Jegatha of I M.A History


    Christmas sale            and competitions



    Needy people  and physically challenged candidates


    One day retreat

    "Renewed in Strength


    Youth Missionary Movement

    All students


    Special praying meeting




    Exam going students




    SCM ACTIVITIES: 2013-2014

        It gives me immense pleasure to submit the SCMI annual report of the academic year 2013-2014.Student Christian Movement of India of our college is a student’s movement executing the principles of Jesus Christ. Following are the executive members of the committee.

    1. As usual regular SCM meeting is being conducted on all Fridays from 8.45 am to 9.30 am. Many of our retired Professors and members of various ministries such as FMPB,YFC,GEMS,DMPB,Campus Crusade, Scripture Union etc delivered the message of the Lord.

    2. A one day training programme was given by Dr. Mary Christy and Dr. Avila Thanga Bhooshan for all the SCM representatives on 24.8.2013. 46 students dedicated themselves to serve as model for others.

    3. Dr. S. Chandral SCM staff co-ordinator has attended a two days fellowship training programme on 1.8.2013 & 2.8.2013 at SCM1 House Bangalore and presented the report on the activities of SCM & fellowship training programme given for the 7 tribal students.

    4. A one day retreat was conducted for our students on 5.10.2013 by the Scripture Union with the theme "Who is your hero". It made the children to dedicate their lives to Christian values.

    5. On behalf of SCM, a sum of Rs.18,000/- was collected from the students for the girl child project of our Diocese.

    6. In connection with Christmas celebration a Christmas sale was conducted in a grand manner and a sum of Rs.27,000/- from the sales money was spent towards the various ministries and physically challenged candidates of our college.

    7. A special SCM meeting was conducted on 7.2.2014 by "Steve Jim Power Team" group Bangalore with practical applications. It made the students to analyze themselves and made them to grow in Christ.

    8. On behalf of SCMI, four of our Fellowship programme students had attended a special camp at the Rural Theological Institute; Madurai from 28-2-2014 to 2-3-2014.It innervated the students to develop leadership qualities.

    9. The valedictory meeting of SCM was arranged on 1-4-2014 as a special praying meeting for the exam going students along with the farewell function of the three retiring staffs of this academic year.