The positive response club was started 2005 with the innovative idea of Dr. Vasanthavathy, the then principal of the college, and it grew with leaps and bounds during the principal ships of Dr. Sinthikayal and Dr. Nirmala Nallathamby. Now the club has an adopted strength of 24 families which is decided to be increased to 25 from this year. The objectives of the club are

  • 1. To adopt Vadalivillai as the positive village of the college.

  • 2. To work hand in hand with the red- ribbon club of the college.

  • 3. To help the HIV positive people of the village especially the widows to live with the small help given to them and prayers.

  • 4. To enable the HIV widows to work with as much support as possible and counseling.

  • 5. To support them by trying to increase their income with funds from outside sources in the long run with collaboration with other agencies.

  • Report 2017 – 2018

          The activities of the year began in July by giving the students of the HIV affected parents four hundred rupees. In December the twenty seven families of HIV adopted patients were given dresses on February 2017 sponsored by each Department. The patients were given rupees four hundred worth of nutritious food per month for 18 families. The other nine families adopted by the College are sponsored by other persons outside the College.