Institute Innovation Council


The Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)

Activities of the academic year 2023-2024

President : Dr.N.K. Amaliya

One-Star Appreciation

We are proud to share that our efforts in promoting innovation have been recognized by the Ministry of Education, and we have been appreciated with one star for our contributions in this field. This recognition serves as a motivation for us to continue our endeavours in nurturing a culture of innovation within our institution.

Chandrayaan Success Celebration

One of the highlights of this academic year was the joint celebration of the Chandrayaan Success: Lunar Leap to Success on 13th September 2023. This event allowed us to commemorate India's remarkable achievement in space exploration and inspired our students to aim for excellence in scientific endeavours.

Science Day Celebrations

In connection with National Science Day, we organized a Science Expo on 27th February 2024, which witnessed active participation from 220 students across multidisciplinary departments. The expo provided a platform for students to showcase their innovative projects and research findings, fostering a spirit of scientific inquiry and exploration.

Special Guest Lecture

On 28th February 2024, as part of our Science Day celebrations, we were honoured to have Smt. Sweet Annie Grace, Scientist Engineer SG at IPRC, as our esteemed chief guest. She delivered an enlightening talk on "Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat," highlighting the importance of leveraging indigenous knowledge and innovation for the development of our nation.

Innovative Initiatives

Throughout the year, our Innovation Council has been actively involved in promoting various innovative initiatives, including workshops, hackathons, and idea-generation sessions. These initiatives have encouraged students and faculty members to think creatively, collaborate effectively, and develop solutions to real-world challenges.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, we are committed to expanding our efforts in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within our institution. We aim to collaborate with industry partners, organize more hands-on workshops, and provide mentorship opportunities to budding innovators. Our goal is to create a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures innovation-driven growth and empowers our students to become future leaders in their respective fields.

The past year has been filled with achievements, celebrations, and meaningful contributions towards promoting innovation in our institution. Together, we look forward to scaling new heights of innovation and excellence in the coming years.

Members of Innovation Council

Activities of the academic year 2022-2023

The Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) spread it's wings this academic year '22- '23 with the selection process of its student committee members on 27.09.2022. Out of the twenty students of different departments who participated, eight students were selected.


Jehilin Reshatha of II B.A English


Rishibha A.S of II Economics


M. Pamila Lexy of II BA English

Executive Members

Belinda Jacob III B.Sc Zoology
Brindha Jane II B. Sc Physics
Hannah I B.A English
Kanishma I B.Com
Mary Judisha Com. Dept

The Inaugural function of our club was held on 01.10.2022. The Guest of Honour was Dr. Smitha Nair, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, IIC President & Innovation Ambassador, Sree Ayyappa College for Women, Chukankadai, Nagercoil. The Principal delivered the Presidential address and the felicitation was offered by the correspondent. The newly selected Student Committee Members were also introduced.

A special Talk on "The Joy of Teaching" was organized for all the teaching faculty of the college on 06.10.2022. The Chief Guest was Dr. Caroline Michael, Retired Prof. of Physics, M.C.C., Chennai. A punching impression about the joy that we sometimes fail to find in our classrooms was well shared.

A session on English for Business was conducted on 03.11.2022. Dr. J John Sekar, Associate Professor, Research Department of English, The American College, Madurai was the Guest Speaker of the day. The session focussed on how the idea of business can be taken to the nook and corner of the world only by the use of the global language. Business related vocabulary was dealt with in an interesting manner.

An interactive session on How to be a Business Model was conducted on 28.03.2023. Mrs. Mythili Sundaram, Director of Kalachuvadu Publications and Deputy Area Commander, Home Guards of our district was the guest of the day. Women should not give up shining in any field of business, was the key idea that was focussed.

A business model contest was conducted on 19-04-2023. Enthusiastic students participated and exhibited their skills in art, cooking etc. Mahiba G B & Hannah Presilla of II M.Com., C. Swetha & M.Dhivya of I CDF and B. Khadeeja Bhasma & M. N. Naseeha of III B.Com. bagged the I, II and III prizes respectively. The IIC winded up the activities of the year with a valedictory function on 24-04-2023. Er. Joshla L Soni, Director of Jolly Kids Montessori School was the chief guest. Prizes were distributed for the winners and participants of business model contest.