An incubation centre has been started to enable the students to get first-hand experience in entrepreneurship. It support the students to polish their business ideas develop a product out of it and to successfully launch their product in the market. It provides all the required resources and support including mentors, advisory council, infrastructure, training and regulatory compliance support. Through the incubation centre students gain hands- on experience in innovation and entrepreneurship while being nurtured and encouraged by faculty, management, alumnae and industrial experts.


To produce successful women entrepreneur who have the potential to create jobs, vitalise society, commercialise new technologies and strengthen local and national economies.


To work with innovators, entrepreneurs and research institutions to support incubation of their products..


  • * To incubate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship.
  • * To promote new technology/ knowledge innovation based on start ups.
  • * To provide a conductive working environment to nurture their innovative ideas.
  • * To foster an entrepreneurial culture by providing the students, alumnae and faculty an opportunity to transform their business ideas to reality.


  • * Furnished office space
  • * Computers
  • * Internet connections
  • * Printer
  • * Library
  • * Export guidance by faculty, industrialist and researchers
  • * Linkage with institutions
  • * Networking with other entrepreneurs, costumers and support agencies.


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