Examination Committee

The Examination committee of the college comprising of fifteen faculty members is headed by two senior faculty who serve as its coordinators. The Principal is the president of the committee.


The objective of the Examination committee is to help the smooth conduct of tests / exams in the college.


The Examination committee

  • Follows the internal tests and model exam schedule as per the academic calender and prepares the internal test time-table atleast two weeks before the commencement of the internal tests and circulates it all the Heads of departments.

  • Prepares the model examination time table and ensures that the model exam question papers are ready well ahead of time.

  • Prepares the room allotment and the seating arrangement list for the model exams and the University examination and displays it on the notice board.

  • Prepares the supervision duty list for both the model examination and the University examination and circulates it to the staff.

  • Ensures that adequate stationary like answer sheets, drawing sheets, graph sheets, threads etc, are made available for the internal tests and the model examinations.

  • Circulates the attendance sheets during the time of exams and sends the list of absentees to the office.

  • Keeps a record and puts in file, each and every issue related to the internal tests, model exams and university exams.