Motto : Love Green to Live in Green

Vision : Green Campus Clean Campus

Mission : Save Earth to Save Mankind


  • To build the capacity of the community to be aware of and be responsible for a clean environment

  • To take the College Campus as a unit at a time, to generate awareness towards clean environment.

  • To study and conserve the integrity and biodiversity of the nature within the college campus.


        To achieve our objectives the activities of the Eco-Club are highlighted as follows:

    • 1. Campus was taken as a unit of Eco –System for conservation programme
    • 2. Awareness programme
    • 3. Trekking

            Eco Club has been playing a vital role in creating an awareness of environment in our campus. Avermicompost unit has been set up in 2005 and is regularly producing manure. The unit is being effectively maintained by Eco Club members. The harvested manure is being distributed to the Eco Club members.
                An Arogyavanam comprising of Medicinal Herbs and plants is in our campus. Planting of fruit hearing plants in our campus has been undertaken every year.
                Plant Saplings were presented to the outgoing student members of Eco Club. It regularly conducts activities such as, Trekking for the students as well as staff.