Committee For Differently Abled

Motto : Enabling the Disabled


  • * To provide opportunities for the differently abled to equip themselves and lift themselves from the marginalized status.

  • * To train the differently abled in skills that would fetch an employment.

  • Committee for the disabled students was established in 1991. Visually Challenged students have been admitted in the regular courses and with the financial support of the Committee. In 1996 LOGOS a public telephone booth was opened to give employment to our unemployed differently abled graduates. This has grown to be a unit with DTP, Photocopying, spiraling and lamination works giving fulltime employment to 4 differently abled women.

    In 2004, a Centralised Computer Centre (Triple C) was opened to train a wider circle of differently abled men and women of Kanyakumari District in computer skills and other self-employment skills. The Committee cater the welfare of our differently abled students in various ways.

    Free Computer Training on Skill Development Initiative - M.S. Office, DTP, Tally and Web Designing for the Disabled people of Kanyakumari District was conducted every year during semester holidays.

    Activities 2017-2018

          By the Grace of God Almighty the activities planned by the Committee for the differently abled were carried out efficiently. The Committee for Extension Activities coordinates the activities of the two computer centres. The ‘LOGOS’ and the ‘Triple C’ where the visually and orthopedically disabled girls are employed. Through ‘Triple C’ students are taught computer programming, Type writing and Job typing.

          During the academic year (2017-2018) I B.Sc. Maths SF, I B.Sc. Chemistry, I B.Sc. Zoology, I.B.Com, I B.A. Tamil, II B.A. Tamil, I B.A. History and IIB.A. History were taught MS Office. I.B.Sc. Physics, II B.Sc. Physics, I B.Sc. Maths SF, II B.Sc. Chemistry, II B.Sc. Zoology, II B.Com, were taught DTP. ‘Triple C’ also conducts summer course in MS Office, DTP, Tally, C++, HTML.

          This Committee pays Mess fees for two visually Challenged students who stay in the college hostel. Christmas get together for the differently abled students was conducted. Our students presented various events and they exposed their talents. The students were encouraged to present the programs of their choice.

          Dr. T.R. Sutha, Three of the Visually Challenged students attended a one day State Level Seminar on "Recent Trends in E-learning Resources for the Visually Challenged" at Rani Anna College for Women, Tirunelveli on 26.03.2018. The students got certificates and provided with an Eye-pad and Scholarship.