Details of Fees


Tution fee per Sem

Lab Fee Per Year Major

Lab Fee Per Year Ancillary

Special Fee

Certificate Verification Fee

Ex Service Flag

B.A - - - 239 10 5
B.Com - - - 239 10 5
B.Sc.Maths - - - 239 10 5
Physics - 80 80 239 10 5
Chemistry - 100 100 239 10 5
Zoology - 100 100 239 10 5
Botany - 75 80 239 10 5
Computer Science - 500 500 239 10 5
M.Sc.Botany 375 250 - 239 - 5
M.A.History - 239 - 5

In addition to the above,students have to pay Rs.200/- (100 + 100) towards Entrance and Recognition Fee and Rs.5/- as admission fee.

These fee rules are subject to change as per the revision orders by the Government.

Students are expected to buy uniform from the college.


M.B.C./S.C./S.T. students should submit the Xerox copy of their community certificate along with the application forms if they are to be considered for admission under the reservation quota

18% seats are reserved for S.C./S.T. students in admission.Scholarship and fee concessions are available for B.C./M.B.C./S.C./S.T. and low Income groups are per the Government rules.For further details,contact the scholarship section in the College office.M.B.C./S.C./S.T. students sholud produce their original Community certificate at the time of admission in order to avail the full fee concession.

Students seeking admission to the Degree course after passing the qualifying examination from Universities or Bodies other than Board or Higher Secondary Education of Tamil Nadu should first get an eligibility certificate for admission to the required course from Controller of Examination of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.They should also give written undertakaing duly signed by the parents that they would abide by the decision of the University in recognising their qualifying examination,until which time the admission will be purely provisional and at the candidat's own risk.