• Origin

  • The Chapel in the Women's Christian College which is situted in the midst of pleasent greenery is a hub of spirtual activities.

  • There are grapevine, olive and fig that lend a Biblical aroma to the spiritual environment which eases the heart and exalts the soul.

  • This chapel has a deep historical significance.It is built in the same spot where the bungalow of Col.Munro stood . He was the Dewan of Travancore in 1818. Later it became the residence for Rev.Charles Mead who stove to spread the gospel of Christ in the early years of Chruch history in Kanyakumari district. Later on the building housed the library of Scott Christian College became worn out it was transformed into a beautiful Chapel under the able leadership of Mrs.EGM Johnson.

  • Chapel Programmes

  • The Chaplain plans and co-ordinates the chapel activitives in consultation with the Principal. The religious programmes on the campus provide a solid spiritual base tothe students so that they will be able to face the world with courage and execute their responsibilities with integrity ,compassion and confidence.

    Daily Morning service 9.00am-9.30am
    Friday Morning-SCM 8.45am-9.30am
    Fasting Prayer-First Saturday of every month 10am-2pm
    II and Iv Saturday- Instrumental music class
    (WCC and Diocesan Youth Department)
    Pastoral Counselling for those who need to be encouraged-Lunch Break (1-1.30)