• Diploma Course

  • The Christian Educational Council Diploma Course is a three year optional diploma course organized by the Christian Educational Council of Tamil Nadu.

  • Mission

  • To infuse confidence and strength in the minds of the students and be successful in life without compromising the value system they have been taught to live by.

  • Vision

  • To build a new student community, there by a new society, enriched in human values, practical wisdom and knowledge.


  • To educate the moral values to the students

    To create awareness about the nature, creation, impact of creation etc.

    To produce spiritually sound young women to the society

    To develop interest in the conservation of nature so as to develop a clean environment.

    To make them active members in the society

    To impart knowledge of Christian values and belief system to the students.

    To mould our students into women leaders to abolish superstitions belief, illiteracy, laziness and depression from the young generation.

    Report 2017-2018

        CEC classes for UG students and Scripture Classes for PG students are conducted regularly every week to impart spiritual values to our students. This year 858 students have been enrolled in the CEC course. Last academic year two of our students got rank in the state level examination. Brillya G. of II B. A., English got the II Rank in the New Testament and AbisJebisha R. of II B.Sc., Chemistry got the I Rank in the examination on Essence of Christian Faith.