About the Campus

     This prestigious institution, meant for the development of downtrodden women of Kanyakumari District has the long lasting tradition since, the regime of Maharani of Travancore, Rani Gowri Parvathi Bai in the early 18th centuary. It is the campus where the first educational institutions were started in the Princely State of Travancore.

     Rev. Charles Mead, "Father of the South Travancore Mission" came to Travancore in 1818. Colonel Munro of Travancore dynasty offered his "Tourist Bungalow" in Nagercoil (which stood in the place where the present chapel has been built). Rev. Mead made this bungalow as his head quarters for missionary work.

     In October 1819, Rev. Mead commenced the mission seminary at Nagercoil. He also shifted the mission school from Mylaudy to this campus. In this first educational institution of Travancore, Rev. Mead expressed his Prophetic words, " This will give rise, we hope in time to a mission college for the South of India". According to his prophetic words in this campus in 1893, the seminary was elevated to a second grade college affiliated to the University of Madras – "Nagercoil Christian College". A new double storey building was erected for this college, with the donation given by Septimus Scott.

This building remains as the Chemistry– Zoology block in the present Women′s Christian College campus. The present main block was built back in 1940, when it was Nagercoil Christian College. At that time, the Home Church, C.S.I. Printing Press and other educational institutions were established in the pieces of land around this campus. Mrs. Johanna, wife of Rev. Charles Mead who had a concern for women education, started first Girls School of Travancore with Boarding facility at New Fort street of Nagercoil.

     Later, the "Nagercoil Christian College" was shifted to a new campus, as “Scott Christian College” during 1970-71. The importance of women education, which was already paved by Mrs. Johanna mead, rejuvenated into the present campus as Women′s Christian College established on 13th June 1973.