Book Store

Coordinator: Mrs.R.Ajitha
  • Mission: To provide prescribed textbooks and other instructional materials to students.

  • Objectives:

  • Ensure availability of sufficient number of textbooks for each course offered during each semester.

  • Maintain an updated inventory of textbooks and other instructional supplies and materials.

  • Prepare and submit order for textbooks & note book other instructional supplies for each semester.

  • Buyback text books & note book at the end of each semester.

  • Improve and maintain Bookstore financial records to ensure accountability of operation.

  • Keep accurate and complete records of Bookstore orders, sales, buyback and inventory

  • Functions:

  • Accepts delivered books, other merchandises and reconciles with delivery receipt.

  • Opens and closes in accordance with detailed procedures in the manual.

  • Performs retail sales activities

  • Keeps and maintain records for internal/external audit purposes

  • Updates inventories in the computer database

  • Returns cancelled and unsold books .

  • Performs other assigned duties .