Alumnae Association

Alumnae Association

The Alumnae Association of our college, originally conceived as a dues-paying organization, has grown and prospered into a vital organization, which now boasts with worldwide membership and is working in close partnership with the college to provide services to support the paralumnae organization's goals, and to strengthen the ties between the global alumnae community and the paralumnae organization. It comprises of all graduates of the college and former studalumnaes who have completed at least one year of undergraduate study. It aims to keep alive the memories of the alma-mater in the hearts of alumnae and remind them of its ideals and values wherever they live all over the world. It organizes annual get together which provides a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background, publish newsletters, and raise funds for the bettermalumnae of the alma- mater. As the Alumnae Association web site is a doorway to get information about the services and programs of the association, we invite you to visit this site often and collect information about the upcoming evalumnaes, local area gatherings and much more. Kindly inform the college about your new address, employmalumnae etc and do keep in touch.


  1. To pass on the legacy of this institution which was founded on a noble vision.
  2. To pass on the legacy of this institution which was founded on a noble vision.
  3. To keep in touch with the WCCians who serve in various capacities in India and abroad.
  4. To enrich alma mater with the support of the alumnae.
  5. Every studalumnae who graduates from WCC is expected to become a member of the Alumnae Association and offer her services to her alma mater.


Dr. R. Subitha Shajini

Vice president

Dr. V. Bena Jothy

Reports of the academic year 2022-2023

The Annual Alumnae Meet of our Institution was held on 1-10-2022. Dr. Chithra, Medical practitioner in Asaripallam Medical College was the chief guest and the annual Alumnae Newsletter was released. Dr C Starlin Kamala and Dr Jaslin Melbha were the editors of the newsletter. The alumnae association gave an amount of twenty lakh rupees to the Management for building construction above the Bishop Devakadasham block.

The candle lighting service was organised by the Alumnae Association of Women's Christian College, Nagercoil for the final year U.G., P.G. and M.Phil. students on 24-04-2023 in the Marsden Mead Chapel at 10. a.m. Nearly 500 students took part in it. The service started with an opening prayer by the Chaplain Mrs. Mahil. The principal i/c Dr. D. Esther led the service and gave an enlightening speech. She lit the candle that symbolises the light of knowledge. The spark was shared on to the Heads of Departments who passed on the light to their respective students. It was a beautiful sight to watch the hundreds of lit candles lifted up high burning brightly and spreading light. The service symbolises that the path of knowledge is illuminated in the campus. The students took a solemn oath to strive to strengthen societal responsibilities. The Secretary of Alumnae Association Dr. R. Subitha Shajini, Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany extended her best wishes to the outgoing students. The serene service came to an end with a closing prayer and benediction by the chaplain.


Reports of the academic year 2018-2019

Reports of the academic year 2017-2018

  • The alumnae association of our college joins hands with the alma mater and strives hard for the betterment of our college.On 14th April 2018, we had our annual alumnae meet, the home coming function of the alumnae. It was really heartening to see the response of our alumnae for the meet. The fifteenth news bulletin was released on that day. Mrs. Sooria James, the chief guest of the day enlightened the alumnae by sharing her reminiscence and motivated them to get empowered. Games and variety entertainments were also conducted. It was really an eve of celebrations to be cherished.
  • This association organizes annual get together which provides a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background, publish newsletters, and raise funds for the betterment of the Alma mater.
  • We congratulate our beloved Principal Dr. Nirmala Manuel, (the first alumnae Principal) who has won the prestigious "Best Principal Award", awarded by AIACHE on 30th January in the Triennial conference at Bangalore.This award appropriately reflects the endless hours of dedicated work she has rendered to our alma mater.We wholeheartedly thank her for her inspiration, dedication, brilliance,independent thinking, longlasting commitment and perseverance.
  • As customary, this year too, we conducted the candle lighting function beseeching God's guidance for the outgoing students on 20th April 2018 in the Marsden and Mead Chapel of our college.
  • In order to cater to the needs of the present scenario, as this year's project, our association is donating one interactive board each to all the fourteen undergraduate departments of our alma mater. Our alma mater is urgently in need of an auditorium and it will be commendable if we would chose this as our task for the coming year and work with zeal, joining hands with one another to complete the work within a short span of time.
  • Let our association with the alma mater continue to nurture in the coming years too. May we look forward to celebrate milestone with those who have contributed in building this great institution.