• Name                                : Dr. V. Bena Jothy

  • Qualification                       :M.Sc.,M.Phil., Ph.D

  • Dr. V. Bena Jothy has served in the Department of Physics for 23 years out of which, she has got taught PG students for 14 years. She has passed the State Level Screening Test conducted by the University of Madras in 1990. Presently, she is a research guide of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli guiding 8 research scholars and co-guiding 3 research scholars. Her area of research specialization is spectroscopy. She has guided 5 M.Phil scholars and is presently guiding 2 scholars.

    She has published 29 papers in International referred Journals. She has presented 29 papers in International conferences and 56 papers in National conferences. She has attended 10 International and 39 National conferences. She has organized 3 International and 12 National conferences. Moreover she has served as a resource person in the Indo German conference on laser Applications and Nano Science held from December 05–07-2013 in Mascot Hotel. Trivandrum.

    She has actively served in various committees inside and outside our college. She served as the Sessional Committee Member of the Physical Science Section in the 99th Indian Science Congress Association. At present she is the Life Member of the Indian Science Congress Association and Kanyakumari Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is also a committee member of the International Association for Promotion of Christian Higher Education, Swadeshi Science Movement and Chemical Science Transactions.

    She has been awarded the Best Poster Award in the 98th Indian Science congress held at SRM University, Chennai from January 3- 7, 2011. Adding feather to her cap, she has also been awarded the ′Academic Achievers Award′ by the Kanyakumari Acadamy of Arts and Science in the year 2011.

    She has served as the referee to the journals like Analyst (Impact factor 4.23), Material Sciences and Applications and Spectrochimica Acta (Impact factor 2.098), She has also edited the proceeding of Exploring the Frontiers of Vibrational Spectroscopy (EXFOVIS – 2011) with ISBN number 13:978-81-908538-8-0.

  • The details of research scholars pursuing research directly under her guidance with the research topics are listed below:

  • # Mr. D.M. Suresh - Vibrational Spectral investigations and DFT studies of Drug molecules
  • # Mr. J. Johnson - Synthesis and Characterization of some Trimetallic Thiocyanates
  • # Ms. S. Alen - Structural and Electronic effects of certain organic non linear optical materials: A vibration approach
  • # Ms. C.N. Dipuna Das - Spectroscopic investigations of Flavonoids with the aid of Density Functional Theory
  • # Mr. R. Anbu Joe Marshal - Tuning the Physicochemical Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Based Ferrite Nanostructures
  • # Ms. J.V. Bynaja - Studies on Microstructure and Optoelectronic Properties of Metal Oxide Nanostructured Coatings
  • # Ms. T. Joselin Beaula - Vibrational Spectral Investigations and Quantum Chemical Calculations on Antimicrobial Compounds
  • # Ms. G. Edwin Sheela - Vibrational spectral investigations of certain NLO crystals

  • The details of research scholars pursuing research under her co-guidance with the research topics are listed below:

  • # Mr. M. Maria Lenin - Nonlinear Optical response of Polaritons
  • # Ms. M.R. Meera - Investigations on pure and doped glycine based single crystals
  • # Mr. S.C.Velladurai - Synthesis and Characterizations of polymer / metal oxide nano composites