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The British resident Colonel Munro had his bungalow in the place where the present chapel has ben built. In 1818 he offered the bungalow to Mr. Mead for his stay. Mr. Mead started the Mission Seminary which became the first education insititution in Travancore. Mr. Mead wrote the following about the seminary to his church in England. "This will rise, we hope,in time to a mission college for south India". In February 1893, the seminary was raised to a second grade college and named as"Nagercoil Christian College" with 13 students(7 Christians and 6 Non-Christians). with the donation given by Septimus Scott, a new two storey building was built (opposite to the main gate) in 1889. Later the college was named after him. The main block was built in 1940. In 1970, Scott Christian College was shifted to the new campus in the Kottar-Parvathipuram Road. This College recognized as a monument of the untiring , selfless and devoted service of the pioneer Christian missionaries.

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I am thrilled to witness the fascinating convergence of Arts and Science in recent trends. This intersection sparks innovation, fuels creativity, and opens new frontiers of exploration. Our curriculum embraces this synergy, encouraging students to engage in cross-disciplinary projects and collaborations. As a Christian college, our growth extends beyond academics, focusing on holistic development and value based education. We strive to create a nurturing environment where students can grow spiritually, morally, and ethically. Together, let us embrace these exciting trends, nurture the growth of the college, and empower the students to become compassionate leaders and agents of positive change in the world.

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